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Saying Goodbye to the Last High-Floor Buses 

The last high-floor buses are now retired from our active fleet. This has been a goal for quite some time, as the aging vehicles created accessibility challenges for many customers. Newer low-floor buses also include high-contrast support rails, more room for service animals and strollers, and improved ramps for wheeled mobility devices. 

Use of high floor buses will now be limited to certain shuttles provided by private vendors. 

Making Wollaston Station Accessible

Renovations on Wollaston Station began in early January. When work is complete in 2019, the station will be fully accessible, and the MBTA will reach another major milestone—making the Red Line 100% accessible. 

Learn more about Wollaston Station improvements

Access Spotlight: Priority Seating

We’ve heard from customers that priority seating can be difficult to find, depending on the mode of transit. Across modes, seating areas were labeled using different colors and styles. A new priority seating sign that uses high-contrast colors, tactile lettering, multiple symbols, and clearer language will be installed across modes soon. 

Reports and Presentations

Access Initiatives are projects that have been selected based on the commitments outlined in the MBTA/BCIL Settlement Agreement, priorities identified by SWA, and customer feedback. Reports on the status of Access Initiatives are issued twice a year.

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