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Public Meeting | Accessibility and Daniels-Finegold v. MBTA Settlement Update (Virtual)

Meeting Info

Date: June 7, 2023 at 1 PM - 3 PM

Location: Virtual • Zoom • Boston, MA

Attendees: General Public

Event Description

Judge Patrick King reported on the state of the Daniels-Finegold v. MBTA settlement agreement. He provided an update on the MBTA's work towards accessibility compliance in line with the agreement.

During this meeting, the general manager and other MBTA officials provided updates and answer questions about ongoing accessibility initiatives.

Note: This meeting focused on bus, subway, and Commuter Rail accessibility, not on THE RIDE.


  1. Welcome & Noteworthy Updates
    • Phillip Eng, MBTA General Manager
  2. Status of Settlement Agreement
    • Hon. Patrick King, Independent Monitor
  3. Overview of Accessibility Initiatives
    • Laura Brelsford, AGM, System-Wide Accessibility
  4. Elevator Uptime Review
    • Mark Cunningham, Engineering & Maintenance
    • Mark Molewyk, Quality Management
  5. Digital Signage & Related Efforts
    • Karti Subramanian, Customer Technology Department
  6. New Vehicle Procurements
    • William Wolfgang, Vehicle Engineering
  7. Accessibility Related Marketing Campaign
    • Jennifer Ross, System-Wide Accessibility
    • Erica Baker, Customer Experience
  8. Statement from Plaintiffs
    • Joanne Daniels-Finegold – Lead Named Plaintiff in the Daniels-Finegold et al. v. MBTA Lawsuit Settlement
  9. Statement from Riders' Transportation Access Group
    • Elizabeth Foster – RTAG Co-Chair
  10. Feedback and Q&A


ASL interpreters and live captioning will be provided. If you need additional accommodations, please email or call 617-222-5254.