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Forging Ahead Environmental Review

The MBTA submitted an Environmental Notification Form (ENF) for the Forging Ahead program to the Executive Office of Energy and Environment. The ENF is available for public review and comment.

Download the meeting presentation

On February 1, 2021, the MBTA filed an Environmental Notification Form (ENF) for the MBTA's Potential Service Reductions in 2021. The MBTA's enabling legislation requires that "for a system wide decrease in service of 10% or more, the decrease shall be the subject of an environmental notification form initiating review pursuant to sections 61 and 62H, inclusive of chapter 30." [M.G.L. ch.161A §5(d)]. This ENF is designed to meet that statutory requirement.   

Included within this ENF are a series of documents designed to fully explain the scope of the program. The ENF is comprised of the following documents which can be found here:

  1. Environmental Notification Form (dated February 1, 2021)
  2. Initial Forging Ahead Service Scenarios
  3. Revised Forging Ahead Service Proposal
  4. Air Quality and Environmental Justice Analysis
  5. Public Engagement Summary Report
  6. Supplementary Information

On March 12, 2021, the Secretary of Energy and Environment issued a certificate on the ENF. In this certificate, the Secretary determined that ENF did not require an Environmental Impact Report and certified that the MEPA review is complete.

View the MEPA certificate on Forging Ahead ENF

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