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Special Commuter Rail Fare and Service Information for Patriots' Day/Marathon Monday on April 16

Posted on April 5, 2018

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For Patriots' Day on Monday, April 16, 2018, the MBTA is again offering a special $20 all-day pass on the Framingham/Worcester Line, which runs parallel to the Boston Marathon route. Unlimited travel up and down the marathon route for one flat rate is available for purchase:

  • April 5-16: Through the mTicket app
  • April 9-15: From ticket offices at North Station, South Station, and Back Bay Station
  • April 16: Onboard Framingham/Worcester Line trains

CharlieCards preloaded with round-trip subway fare will also be easily available for purchase at Riverside Station on the Green Line on April 16 from 7 AM to 11 AM.

Customers traveling around Boston on Marathon Monday are also encouraged to purchase a $12 1-Day LinkPass valid for unlimited subway and bus travel, which is available from any station fare vending machine and valid for 24 hours after purchase.

Green Line Station Closures

Due to safety concerns, Copley Station will be closed for the entire day on April 16. Customers are instead encouraged to use:

  • Arlington Station (serving all Green Line branches)
  • Prudential Station (Green Line E Branch)
  • Hynes Convention Center Station (Green Line B, C, and D branches)
  • Back Bay Station (Orange Line)

From approximately 10 AM to 6 PM, these above-ground Green Line stations will be closed:

Subway and Bus Service

The Red, Orange, Blue, and Silver Lines will operate a regular weekday schedule with rush-hour levels of service before and after the race.

Buses and trackless trolleys will operate a regular weekday schedule on April 16, though some bus routes will be detoured to accommodate the marathon and other festivities. Pre-marathon events are also scheduled the weekend prior (April 14 – 15), resulting in route adjustments to various bus routes in and around Copley Square. Customers are encouraged to subscribe to T-Alerts and check alerts.

Commuter Rail Additional Service

All Commuter Rail lines will operate a regular weekday schedule on April 16, with these additional trains on the Framingham/Worcester Line to support crowds:


StationTrain 9526Train 9528Train 9542
StationWorcesterTrain 9526--Train 9528--Train 9542--
StationGraftonTrain 9526--Train 9528--Train 9542--
StationWestboroughTrain 9526--Train 9528--Train 9542--
StationSouthboroughTrain 9526--Train 9528--Train 9542--
StationAshlandTrain 952610:10 AMTrain 952810:40 AMTrain 9542--
StationFraminghamTrain 952610:21 AMTrain 952810:51 AMTrain 9542--
StationWest NatickTrain 952610:26 AMTrain 952810:56 AMTrain 9542--
StationNatickTrain 952610:32 AMTrain 952811:02 AMTrain 9542--
StationWellesley SquareTrain 952610:38 AMTrain 952811:08 AMTrain 954212:30 PM
StationWellesley HillsTrain 952610:43 AMTrain 952811:13 AMTrain 954212:34 PM
StationWellesley FarmsTrain 952610:47 AMTrain 952811:17 AMTrain 954212:38 PM
StationAuburndaleTrain 952610:53 AMTrain 952811:23 AMTrain 954212:43 PM
StationWest NewtonTrain 952610:57 AMTrain 952811:27 AMTrain 954212:48 PM
StationNewtonvilleTrain 952611:02 AMTrain 952811:32 AMTrain 954212:52 PM
StationBoston LandingTrain 952611:07 AM*Train 952811:37 AM*Train 954212:57 PM*
StationYawkeyTrain 952611:12 AM*Train 952811:42 AM*Train 95421:02 PM*
StationBack BayTrain 952611:17 AM*Train 952811:47 AM*Train 95421:07 PM*
StationSouth StationTrain 952611:22 AMTrain 952811:52 AMTrain 95421:12 PM

*The train may leave ahead of schedule at these stops.


StationTrain 9527Train 9543
StationSouth StationTrain 95279:10 AMTrain 954311:30 AM
StationBack BayTrain 95279:16 AMTrain 954311:36 AM
StationYawkeyTrain 95279:21 AMTrain 954311:41 AM
StationBoston LandingTrain 95279:26 AMTrain 954311:46 AM
StationNewtonvilleTrain 9527--Train 9543--
StationWest NewtonTrain 9527--Train 9543--
StationAuburndaleTrain 9527--Train 9543--
StationWellesley FarmsTrain 95279:35 AMTrain 954311:55 AM
StationWellesley HillsTrain 95279:38 AMTrain 954311:58 AM
StationWellesley SquareTrain 95279:41 AMTrain 954312:01 PM
StationNatickTrain 95279:46 AMTrain 9543--
StationWest NatickTrain 95279:51 AMTrain 9543--
StationFraminghamTrain 95279:54 AMTrain 9543--
StationAshlandTrain 952710:00 AMTrain 9543--
StationSouthboroughTrain 9527--Train 9543--
StationWestboroughTrain 9527--Train 9543--
StationGraftonTrain 9527--Train 9543--
StationWorcesterTrain 9527--Train 9543--

Additionally, some Framingham/Worcester Line trains will make additional stops at Boston Landing Station that are not typically scheduled:


  • Train 514: 11:52 AM
  • Train 516: 1:22 PM


  • Train 511: 10:30 AM
  • Train 513: 12:10 PM
  • Train 515: 2:15 PM

Ferry and The RIDE

All commuter boat and ferry service, as well as The RIDE service, will operate a regular weekday schedule.

Plan Ahead

Customers planning to park in an MBTA garage or lot should allow additional travel time and note that some garages and lots may fill very quickly due to heavy parking demand. Real-time parking capacity information will be tweeted from @MBTA.

Bicycles are prohibited on all MBTA vehicles (including folding bicycles) for the entire day on April 16.

Backpacks, coolers, cans, bottles, and large items are not permitted at the marathon.

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