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Shuttle Buses to Replace B Branch Service from Boston College to Babcock Street over 4 Weekends from August 29 through September 27 for Track and Intersection Upgrades

Posted on August 21, 2020

Regular B Branch trolleys will operate on Labor Day weekend.

The MBTA is continuing a series of upgrades to the Green Line as part of the Green Line Transformation Program with the B Branch replaced with shuttle buses between Boston College and Babcock Street Stations during 4 weekends beginning August 29-30. 

Following the completion of 28 consecutive days of upgrades on the E Branch this week, the MBTA will shift to track and intersection upgrades on the B Branch. Over 4 weekends from August 29 through September 27 (no work Labor Day weekend), crews will replace 4,000 feet of track between Greycliff Road and Warren Street and possibly upgrade an intersection and pedestrian crossing. Once completed, these improvements to the B Branch will mitigate the risk of unplanned service disruptions by replacing track that is beyond its service life and improve travel times for Green Line riders.

Each weekend, work will start after B Branch service ends on Friday night (around 1 AM on Saturday) and be completed Monday morning (by 3 AM) before service resumes. Shuttle buses will replace the B Branch service on these dates.

These improvements are in addition to the 16 intersections that were upgraded on the B Branch in 2019, bringing even more benefits to Green Line riders, pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles. This work will improve accessibility for pedestrians crossing the tracks and create a smoother and safer experience for bicyclists and vehicles. New track will result in speed restrictions being lifted and a smoother ride for T users.

Shuttle Bus Information

Free, accessible shuttle buses will replace B Branch service from Boston College to Babcock Street Stations during the weekends of August 29-30, September 12-13, September 19-20, and September 26-27 (regular trolley service will operate Labor Day weekend). Shuttle buses will not stop at Allston Street, Griggs Street, or Packards Corner with customers advised to instead travel to nearby shuttle locations. Riders are reminded that face coverings are required while onboard shuttle buses and within the MBTA system.

Diagram of the Green Line B branch, showing shuttle service between Boston College and Babcok St. Shuttles will skip Allston St, Griggs St, and Packards Corner

Overnight Prep Work Schedule

Overnight prep work at Commonwealth Avenue and Washington Street began on August 17 and will continue through August 21. The work will occur each night from 9 PM to 5 AM the following morning. Crews are welding segments of rail together and preparing the area for the upcoming weekend construction. The prep work does not affect Green Line service. 

Impacts to Drivers on Commonwealth Avenue

There will be minor detours for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers during each weekend at the work locations. There will also be lane closures, and some parking spaces may be temporarily unavailable. These restrictions are required for storing materials and accessing the tracks and will likely apply on the median side of the street.

Minimizing Noise

Noise issues may occur with noise levels monitored. The MBTA implements standard mitigation strategies to minimize disruptions to neighbors and responds to all noise complaints. A 24/7 noise hotline is available to report a noise issue at 508-676-3517.

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