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Bus Network Redesign

A bus in Chelsea drives down a bus lane
  • Timeline: 2018 – 2028
  • Status: Planning

Greater Boston has changed significantly in recent years, with shifting demographics, emerging employment districts, increasing traffic congestion, and changing travel patterns.

The Bus Network Redesign completely reimagines the MBTA’s bus network to reflect these changes and create a better experience for current and future bus riders.

What's Happening Now

Thank you for providing your feedback on the proposed bus network map. We're using your input to update the proposal and will share the final network map this fall. In the meantime, you can continue to review the original proposal.

Rider Benefits

  • 25% more bus service 
  • 70% more weekend service 
  • 275,000 more residents would be near high-frequency service (buses running every 15 minutes or better, 5 AM – 1 AM, seven days a week) 
  • 115,000 residents of color and 40,000 low-income households would gain access to high-frequency service

Project Timeline

20212022: Planning

  • Summer/Fall 2021: We talked to riders about what they wanted to see in a new network. Then, we created an online survey to gather input on our metrics and priorities. Based on that feedback, we developed a proposal for a new bus network.
  • Spring/Summer 2022: We shared our proposal for a new network and gathered public feedback on it in May, June, and July.
  • Summer/Fall 2022: We’re incorporating feedback into a final network map for Board approval.

20232028: Implementation

The new network will be implemented in several phases, starting with the rollout of new routes in summer 2023. We plan to add service over time as we continue to modernize our facilities and expand our fleet.

Our public information efforts during this time will be more extensive than any we’ve ever launched for a route change—we want to ensure that riders can learn and understand the new system before it’s implemented.

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Presentations to the Board

Looking to learn more? You can view our presentations to the Fiscal Management and Control Board for more details about the Bus Network Redesign.


For other questions and comments related to Bus Network Redesign, please contact us at

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Recent Updates

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