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Revised Bus Network Map

Updated on November 8, 2022

A rider boards a bus near the new E Ink sign at the Broadway bus stop in Everett

We’re redesigning our bus network to create more all-day service, more service in busy neighborhoods, and new connections to more places.

We’ve made changes to more than half the bus routes in our proposed bus network released in May. The changes are based on more than 20,000 comments we received in May, June, and July.

Why We Made These Changes

We revised our May proposal to:

  • Improve access to hospitals, senior centers, and other destinations
  • Reduce walk distances for older adults and other riders in locations with uneven ground or sidewalks
  • Preserve existing one-seat rides to many destinations
  • Balance resources and stays within the limit of buses available during peak times

Summary of Changes

We’ve made changes to 85 of the 133 bus routes in our May proposal. All route changes fall within one of the following categories:

  • Routes we brought back
  • Routes with new travel paths for better connections to more places
  • Routes with frequency and service changes
  • Routes we added to the revised bus network that were not in the May proposal
  • Routes we removed from the revised bus network that were in the May proposal

The revised bus map still increases service by 25% across the network and doubles the number of high-frequency corridors (buses running every 15 minutes or better, all day, every day).

Changes by Route

Note: T routes are high-frequency routes with buses running every 15 minutes or better.

Explore the Revised Network Map

View this static map to see changes at the regional level or interact with our Remix map to get detailed information at the street level.

Share Your Comments

In November 2022, we were open for comment via survey and public meetings. Thank you for your feedback! 

Please send any additional comments to

What’s Next

Fare and service equity analyses of the revised bus network are underway and will be completed by December. We will hold a public meeting on the analyses this winter.

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