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Solar-Powered E Ink Signs

Updated on October 18, 2018

e-Ink sign on a pole, with a Green Line train in the background

About the Project

Timeline: Oct 2018
Status: Design


Solar-powered E Ink signs that provide train and bus arrival times and system alerts are being tested at some street-level Green Line stops. During the 6-month pilot, we will evaluate sign durability and performance, compile customer feedback, and determine whether signs should be used at additional bus and subway stops with limited or no access to electricity.


  • Install a variety of solar-powered E Ink signs at Beaconsfield, Brookline Village, and Newton Highlands, which have existing digital signs that are ADA-compliant
  • Test sign durability and performance in limited daylight and extreme weather
  • Gather customer feedback on signs’ performance and usefulness
  • Evaluate whether signs should be installed at more subway and bus stops

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For all queries and comments related to Solar-Powered E Ink Signs, please contact:

Siobhan Cunningham, Project Manager