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Service Change Ongoing
All MBTA services are running on a reduced schedule until further notice in the interest of the health and safety of our riders and employees. All riders must use a face covering when on the MBTA. Full details:

Rider Etiquette

Good manners go a long way toward a smooth transit experience. Follow these rules and tips so you and your fellow riders have a pleasant journey.

Boarding and Exiting

Please let passengers exit the vehicle before attempting to board, especially during rush hours. This helps speed up service.

When boarding any vehicle, please move all the way in, as far away from the doors as possible. This helps make room for other passengers.

During Your Trip


  • Offer your seat to seniors, pregnant women, and people with disabilities.
  • Only take up 1 seat.
  • Take off your backpack.
  • Keep large personal items on the floor and out of the way.


  • Sit on the stairs or in the aisles of vehicles.
  • Eat or drink.
  • Have loud personal conversations.
  • Use mobile or music devices without headphones.
  • Leave litter on vehicles.

No Smoking

Smoking, including e-cigarettes and vaporizers, is prohibited in all MBTA stations and on all MBTA vehicles.


Service animals are always allowed on the T at all times.

Non-service dogs are not allowed on the T during rush hours.

During off-peak hours, T operators may allow non-service dogs. Dogs should be on leash and cannot take up a seat. Please ensure your dog can be quiet and calm on the T.

Small animals like cats and rabbits should be kept in pet carriers. Please keep the carrier on your lap if possible and away from vehicle doors, especially during rush hour.


The MBTA welcomes bicycles on most transit modes, with the exception of during rush hours.

Bike parking is also available at many subway and Commuter Rail stations. 

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