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Stay Safe on the T

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Learn more about staying safe on the T, or report an emergency to the Transit Police.

The best way to be safe on the T is to stay alert. And, as always, if you see something, say something.

To report an emergency, please dial 911 or call the MBTA Transit Police at 617-222-1212.

To report a problem or emergency with a railroad crossing, call 1-800-522-8236

Personal Safety

  • T passes and tickets can only be purchased from MBTA staff and fare vending machines—tickets sold on Craigslist or on the street are likely counterfeit.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially if you’re wearing headphones or using your phone.
  • Keep your phone, purse, and wallet close to your body, with smaller valuable items in your front pockets.
  • Stay in well-lit areas near groups of people whenever possible.
  • Be aware of the nearest exits and emergency call boxes at stations.
  • When there aren’t many people riding the T, try to sit as close to the operator as possible.
  • If someone bothers you on the train, notify MBTA staff, and move to a different car at the next stop.
  • If you are attacked, scream or yell to bring attention to your situation.
  • Share these tips with younger riders who use the T by themselves.

Pedestrian Safety

  • Never walk on the tracks or in a busway.
  • Cross tracks and busways only at marked pedestrian walkways, and look both ways before crossing.

Driver Safety

  • Obey all warning signs and signals.
  • Never drive around a lowered gate or in a busway.
  • Before driving over the tracks, make sure there's room for your car on the other side.

Bicycle Safety

  • Always lock your bike with a hardened steel U-lock to a designated bike rack—most bikes stolen on the MBTA were secured with a light chain or cable lock.
  • Register your bike with the Transit Police.
  • Record your bike's make, model, and serial number. 
  • Report any suspicious activity near bike racks to the Transit Police with the See Say App on your Apple or Android device.

Escalator Safety

  • Avoid standing near the escalator entrances.
  • Always use caution on escalators, especially if you are with small children or carrying luggage.
  • Strollers and wheeled mobility devices are not allowed on escalators. Please use the nearest elevator.
  • Stand to the right to allow others to pass on the left.
  • Always hold the handrails.

Alerting MBTA Staff

  • Please alert the bus and train operators of any suspicious activity, including abandoned bags or luggage. If you're on the train, please use the call boxes at either end of the car to alert an operator.
  • Please notify staff of suspicious activity in or near MBTA stations. If you are leaving a station, please go back and notify staff of unusual behavior in the parking lot or surrounding areas.