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Route 217

Route Map


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Dorchester Ave @ Gallivan Blvd
Dorchester Ave @ Valley Rd
Dorchester Ave @ St Gregory St
Dorchester Ave @ Richmond St
Dorchester Ave @ Washington St
Adams St @ Churchills Ln
Adams St @ Dudley Lane
Adams St @ Fontbonne Academy
Adams St @ Governors Rd
Robertson St @ Quarry St
Robertson St @ Connell St
Robertson St opp Ellis St
Robertson St @ Kimball St
Robertson St @ Adams St
Beale St @ Forbes Hill Rd
Beale St @ S Central Ave
Highland Ave @ Elmwood Ave
Highland Ave @ N Central Ave
Highland Ave @ Hobart Ave
Highland Ave @ Wilson Ave
Wilson Ave @ Belmont St
Wilson Ave opp Mascoma St
Wilson Ave @ Bowdoin Ave
Wilson Ave @ Harvard St
Harvard St @ Hamilton Ave
Harvard St @ Elliot Ave
Harvard St @ Holbrook Rd.
W Squantum St @ Harvard St
W Squantum St @ Bowdoin St
W Squantum St opp Harriet Ave
W Squantun St opp Division St
W Squantum St @ Farrington St
E Squantum St @ Hancock St
E Squantum St @ Newbury Ave
E Squantum St @ Faxon Rd.
Holmes St opp Moscow St
Holmes St @ Billings Rd
Hancock St opp Albion Rd
Hancock St @ Linden St
Hancock St @ Chester St
Hancock St @ Woodbine St
Hancock St @ Wentworth Rd
Hancock St @ Saint Anns Rd
Hancock St @ Carruth St
Hancock St @ Furnace Brook Pkwy
Hancock St opp Butler Rd
Hancock St opp Merrymount Rd
Hancock St opp Greenleaf St
Quincy Center
Commuter Rail Zone 1

Route Map

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday:

Inbound: 06:20A-05:43P

Outbound: 07:00A-06:07P

Holiday Schedule Information

Upcoming Holidays:
  • Patriots’ Day (April 16, 2018)
  • Memorial Day (May 28, 2018)
  • Independence Day (July 4, 2018)
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