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Hingham Depot - Quincy Center


Quincy Center
Commuter Rail Zone 1
Washington St @ Foster St
Washington St @ McGrath Hwy
Washington St @ Elm St
Washington St @ Edwards St
Washington St @ Fowler St
Washington St @ Lowe St
Washington St @ Glenwood Way
Washington St @ Massachusetts Ave
Washington St @ Arnold St
Washington St @ Ring Ave
Washington St @ Beacon St
Washington St @ Broadway
Washington St @ Chubbuck St
Washington St @ Cleverly Ct
Washington St @ South St
Washington St @ Fore River Bridge
Bridge St @ Monatiquot St
Bridge St @ Sherwood Rd
Bridge St opp Birchbrow Ave
Bridge St @ Princeton Ave
Bridge St @ Fairlawn Ave
Bridge St @ Standish St
Bridge St opp Blackstone Rd
Bridge St opp Lovell St
Bridge St @ Riverway Plaza
Lincoln St @ Lincoln Plaza
Lincoln St @ Sgt William Terry Dr
Hingham Shipyard @ Loop
Lincoln St opp USS Amesbury Dr
Lincoln St @ Fottler Rd
Lincoln St @ Thaxter St
Downer Ave @ Broad Cove Rd
Downer Ave opp Condito Rd
Downer Ave opp Planters Field Ln
Downer Ave @ Governor Long Rd
Otis St @ Governor Long Rd
North St opp Station St
Central St @ Central Jr HS
Central St @ Garrison Rd
Central St @ Weston Rd
Station St - Hingham Depot


CharlieCard $1.70

CharlieTicket or Cash $2.00

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Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday

Inbound 05:33A-01:11A

Outbound 05:00A-12:48A


Inbound 06:00A-01:12A

Outbound 05:35A-12:48A


Inbound 08:25A-12:59A

Outbound 08:00A-12:32A

Upcoming Holidays

  • Labor Day (September 3, 2018)
  • Columbus Day (October 8, 2018)
  • Veterans’ Day (November 11, 2018)
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