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Avon Square - Ashmont


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Route Variation:
Ashmont via North Main
N Main St opp Memorial Pkwy
N Main St opp Warren St
N Main St @ Credit Union Way
N Main St @ Pleasant St
N Main St @ Mt Pleasant Sq
N Main St @ Liberty St
N Main St @ Francis Dr
N Main St opp Intervale Terr
N Main St @ Charles St
N Main St @ Bennington St
N Main St opp Stacy St
N Main St @ Ballard St
Randolph Ave @ Chickataubut Rd
Randolph Ave @ Eager Rd
Randolph Ave opp Hillside St
Randolph Ave @ Hilltop St
Randolph Ave @ Nahanton Ave
Randolph Ave @ Ridgewood Rd
Randolph Ave opp Hallen Ave
Randolph Ave opp Highland St
Randolph Ave @ Access Rd
Randolph Ave @ Pleasant St
Randolph Ave @ Reedsdale Rd
Reedsdale Rd opp Clifton Rd
Reedsdale Rd @ Meredith Cir
Reedsdale Rd @ Academy Lane
Reedsdale Rd @ Walnut St
Reedsdale Rd @ Brook Rd
Central Ave opp Rustlewood Rd
Central Ave opp Hinckley Rd
Central Ave @ Columbine Rd
Central Ave @ Valley Rd
Central Ave @ Griggs Ln
Central Ave @ Central Ave Station
River St opp Temple St
River St @ Washington St
Dorchester Ave opp Adirondack Pl
Dorchester Ave @ Richmond St
Dorchester Ave opp St Gregory St
Opp 2165 Dorchester Ave
Dorchester Ave opp Valley Rd
Dorchester Ave @ Gallivan Blvd
Dorchester Ave @ Van Winkle St


CharlieCard $1.70

CharlieTicket or Cash $2.00

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Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday

Inbound 05:00A-12:37A

Outbound 05:49A-01:13A


Inbound 05:50A-12:43A

Outbound 06:30A-01:14A


Inbound 07:00A-12:38A

Outbound 07:29A-01:06A

Upcoming Holidays

  • Columbus Day (October 8, 2018)
  • Veterans’ Day (November 11, 2018)
  • Veterans’ Day (Observed) (November 12, 2018)

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