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Route 52

Route Map


Dedham Mall @ Stop & Shop
Dedham Mall @ Old Navy
Spring St @ Charles River Loop
Spring St @ Cypress St
Baker St opp Wycliff Ave
Baker St opp Dunwell St
Baker St opp Gethsemane Cemetery
Baker St @ Beth El Cemetery
Fredette Rd @ Spiers Rd
Fredette Rd @ Sawmill Brook Pkwy
Sawmill Brook Pkwy @ McCarthy Rd
Sawmill Brook Pkwy @ Keller Path
Sawmill Brook Pkwy @ Spiers Rd
Sawmill Brook Pkwy @ Van Roosen Rd
Sawmill Brook Pkwy @ Walsh Rd
Wiswall Rd @ Chinian Path
Wiswall Rd @ Shumaker Path
Wiswall Rd @ McCarthy Rd
Wiswall Rd @ Indian Ridge Rd
Wiswall Rd @ Dedham St
Dedham St opp Wiswall Rd
Dedham St @ Rosalie St
Dedham St @ Greenwood St
Dedham St @ Meadowbrook Rd
Dedham St @ Country Club Rd
Parker St @ Wheeler Rd
Parker St @ Roosevelt Rd
288 Parker St opp Parker Ave
Parker St @ Boylston St
200 Parker St opp Stearns St
Parker St @ Glenwood Ave
Parker St @ Cypress St
Cypress St @ Braeland Ave
Centre St @ Langley Rd
Centre St @ Commonwealth Ave
Centre St @ Alderwood Rd
Centre St @ Sargent St
Centre St @ Newtonville Ave
Centre St @ Jefferson St

Route Map

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday:

Inbound: 06:15A-07:22P

Outbound: 07:00A-07:57P

Holiday Schedule Information

Upcoming Holidays:
  • Christmas Day (December 25, 2017)
  • New Years Day (January 1, 2018)
  • Martin Luther King Day (January 15, 2018)