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Route 78

Route Map


Wadsworth Rd @ Dow Ave
Wadsworth Rd @ Homer Rd
Appleton St @ Lublin St
Appleton St @ Homer Rd
Appleton St @ Kipling Rd
Appleton St @ Virginia Rd
Appleton St opp Ely Rd
Wachusett Ave @ Dow Ave
Wachusett Ave @ Florence Ave
Wachusett Ave @ Oakland Ave
Wachusett Ave @ Hillside Ave
Park Circle @ Eastern Ave
Park Circle @ Park Ave
Park Ave @ Wachusett Ave
East Service Rd @ Park Ave Shelter
East Service Rd @ Lamoine St
East Service Rd @ Clifton St - Pedestrian Bridge
East Service Rd @ Radcliffe Rd
East Service Rd @ Stairway to Radcliffe Rd
East Service Rd @ Pleasant St
Brighton St @ Pleasant St
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Brighton St @ Cowdin St
Brighton St @ Cross St
Brighton St @ Coolidge Rd
Brighton St @ Eliot Rd
Brighton St opp Vale Rd
Brighton St @ Hittinger St
Blanchard Rd opp Normandy Ave
Blanchard Rd @ Merrill Ave
Concord Ave opp Sancta Maria Hospital
Concord Ave @ Spinelli Pl
Concord Ave opp Smith Pl
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Concord Ave opp Moulton St
Concord Ave opp Fawcett St
Concord Ave opp Wheeler St
Concord Ave opp New St
Concord Ave opp Fern St
Concord Ave @ Alpine St
Concord Ave @ Walden St
Concord Ave @ Huron Ave
Concord Ave @ Buckingham St
Concord Ave @ Parker St
Concord Ave @ Craigie St
Concord Ave @ Garden St
Waterhouse St @ Massachusetts Ave

Route Map

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday:

Inbound: 05:42A-12:25A

Outbound: 05:55A-12:53A


Inbound: 07:00A-12:25A

Outbound: 06:27A-12:58A


Inbound: 06:40A-12:57A

Outbound: 06:10A-12:34A

Holiday Schedule Information

Upcoming Holidays:
  • Memorial Day (May 28, 2018)
  • Independence Day (July 4, 2018)
  • Labor Day (September 3, 2018)
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