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Perq Adminstrators

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If you are a current or potential Perq administrator, check the information below to learn more about how to run the Perq program with your company. 

Here, you can find out:

  • What types of Perq cards or passes are right for you
  • Types of Perq administrators
  • How to place orders
  • Account Invoicing

Perq Card Types

Smart Card

Monthly Passes for bus and subway are fulfilled on Smart Cards. These cards are valid for one calendar month on the bus and subway only and are reused month to month. 

Administrators must assign Smart Cards directly to employees in the administrator portal.  

If lost, Smart Cards may be shut off or replaced. 

Note: Smart Cards have been redesigned to feature the green Perq logo, but old cards remain functional.

Flash Pass

Monthly Passes for Commuter Rail and ferry are fulfilled on Flash Passes. These cards are valid for one calendar month and can also be used on the bus and subway.

New passes are sent to your office monthly, before the start of the calendar month. Unlike Smart Cards, Flash Passes are not assigned to employees and should be treated like cash. 

If lost or stolen, they cannot be replaced.

Perq User Types

There are two types of Perq user accounts:

Placing Your Order

Step 1: Gather orders from your employees

Introduce your employees to Perq and have them select the products they want to purchase. 

View Perq products and pricing

Step 2: Finalize your order

Use the Employee Smart Cards and Employee Flash Passes tabs to manage your pass selections.

Review your order invoice using the "review current order" tab.

Your order will be finalized by end of day on the 15th of every month. 

Step 3: Receive and distribute your order  

For Smart Cards, you will need to first confirm and then assign any them before you can hand them out.

Flash Passes do not need to be confirmed or assigned.

Employees who pay for the pass through a pretax payroll deduction will see an effective discount equal to their individual tax rate.

Invoicing and Adjustments

You can preview your invoice by navigating to the “review current order” tab.

You will not be charged for ordering blank Smart Cards. Charges are incurred only once Smart Cards are assigned. 

Invoices are finalized on the 15th of every month. You can opt for invoices to be delivered via email by first going to the "account management" tab, and then "billing/shipping."

In some cases, you may see one or more of the following adjustments on your invoice:

  • Late Order Adjustment: This occurs when riders leave or join your account or anytime a Smart Card is activated or deactivated in the latter half of the month. 
  • Early Usage Adjustment: This happens if a card is used “early,” meaning a few days ahead of the next billing and use cycle.
  • Unassigned Usage Adjustment: This happens if a card is used without being assigned to an employee first. We will charge the company it was issued to for a month of use and it remains valid for the calendar month. Then, we will turn the card off.

Perq for Employers

Learn more about Perq for Employers

Perq for Employees

Learn more about Perq for Employees

Downloads and Resources

Making Your First Perq Order

Perq Administrative User Guide

Perq Marketing Pamphlet

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For questions or comments, send an email to or call our Customer Support Team at 888-844-0353.

Perq for Employers

Learn more about Perq for Employers

Perq for Employees

Learn more about Perq for Employees