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Braintree and Quincy Adams Garage Repairs

Updated on March 14, 2018

About the Project

Timeline: 2016-2021
Status: Design

The project is for the complete rehabilitation of the Braintree Station and Quincy Adams Station parking garages.

Project Features

  • Structural concrete and parking deck repairs¬†
  • New water protection and drainage systems
  • New signage and pedestrian traffic flow at both garages
  • Security and safety updates to the fire alarm, CCTV, electrical, lighting, and emergency power systems
  • Accessibility upgrades, including new elevators (Braintree Garage)¬†and improved traffic flows for vehicles and pedestrians
  • New amenities, including bicycle storage, electric vehicle charging, and upgrades to the restrooms


  • Brings the garages to a State of Good Repair
  • Safer, more accessible parking spots and pedestrian routes to and from the stations
  • Reduce maintenance costs and service impacts
  • Provide better parking amenities

Service Alerts

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Contact Information

For all queries and comments related to Braintree and Quincy Adams Garage Repairs, please contact:
John McCormack, Project Manager