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Oak Grove Station Accessibility Improvements

Updated on August 14, 2018

A rendering of Oak Grove's Washington Street entrance.

About the Project

Timeline: 2018 – 2021
Status: Design


Upgrades at Oak Grove Station will improve accessibility at the station for customers and the community.


Customers feel safer and more comfortable in the station:

  • Elevators will now be transparent, with glass cars and shafts
  • Updated wayfinding signs

People with disabilities can more easily access Oak Grove Station:

  • Upgrades to existing elevators
  • Construction of 2 new elevators, so they are accessible both before and after fare gates
  • Sidewalk upgrades and repairs

Oak Grove station will be more efficient and easier to maintain:

  • Updated elevator equipment will reduce maintenance time and costs
  • Electrical systems upgrades will improve station efficiency and reduce maintenance costs

Before and After

Parking Lot

Washington Street

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Contact Information

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