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Orange Line Improvement Program

Updated on June 10, 2019

Wellington Yard expansion tracks 33 to 38: Installation of new storage tracks and ballast (September 2018)

About the Project

Timeline: 2015 – 2021

As the MBTA prepares for the arrival of our new and expanded Orange Line fleet, we’re making infrastructure investments to support storage, testing, and maintenance of the new vehicles. These investments are part of the Red Line/Orange Line Improvements Program.  

This work is being done alongside the signal systems upgrade project, also part of the program.

Orange Line improvements include:

  • Wellington Yard rebuild
  • Maintenance facility improvements
  • Test track rehabilitation
  • Construction of expansion tracks
Aerial map of Orange Line infrastructure improvements, including: test track, Wellington yard expansion and rebuild, maintenance facility.
Base map ©2018 Google Earth

Wellington Yard Rebuild and Maintenance Facility Improvements

Wellington Yard, where the Orange Line’s vehicles are stored and cared for each day, will get major infrastructure upgrades to accommodate the new fleet.  

Test Track Rehabilitation

Alongside work at Wellington Yard, the test track was rebuilt to test and commission new Orange Line vehicles.

Construction of Expansion Tracks

To accommodate the expansion of the Orange Line fleet, current storage tracks will be modified and new ones will be added.


    ProjectConstruction Substantial Completion
    ProjectOrange Line Test TrackConstruction Substantial CompletionSummer 2018
    ProjectWellington Yard Expansion Tracks 33 to 38Construction Substantial CompletionSpring 2019
    ProjectWellington Maintenance FacilityConstruction Substantial CompletionSummer 2020
    ProjectWellington Yard RebuildConstruction Substantial CompletionSpring 2021

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