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Red Line Improvement Program

Updated on December 11, 2018

Map of Cabot Yard and Cabot Maintenance Facility improvements

About the Project

Timeline: 2015 – 2022
Status: Construction


As the MBTA prepares for the arrival of our new and expanded Red Line fleet, we’re making infrastructure investments to support storage, testing, and maintenance of the new vehicles. These investments are part of the Red Line/Orange Line Improvements Program. 

This work is being done alongside the signal systems upgrade project, also part of the program.

Red Line improvements include:

  • Cabot Yard and maintenance facility improvements
  • Installation of test track

Cabot Yard and Maintenance Facility Improvements

Cabot Yard, where all of the Red Line’s vehicles are stored and cared for each day, will get major infrastructure upgrades to accommodate the new fleet. 


  • All new rail yard tracks, power systems, and signals
  • Modern upgrades to the vehicle maintenance facility, which was built in the 1970s, including new diagnostics equipment, a canopy for outdoor maintenance work and an efficient and environmentally friendly car wash


  • Upgraded track, power, and signals systems so trains can be moved through the yard, stored, and put back into service reliably
  • Standardized vehicle turnouts and crossovers to simplify yard maintenance
  • New technology within the yard to provide remote early warning diagnostics and maintenance alerts for more efficient vehicle maintenance
  • Replacement of outdated equipment and maintenance facility components to reduce facility maintenance needs and improve vehicle repair times

Installation of Test Track

Alongside work at Cabot Yard, a new test track is being built to test and commission new Red Line vehicles.


  • Replacement of existing track
  • Installation of new power substation and 3rd rail
  • Construction of a vehicle testing facility
  • Installation of access track for direct connection to Cabot Yard 


  • New vehicles tested and brought into service
  • Dedicated test track for fewer service disruptions 


ProjectConstruction Substantial Completion
ProjectRed Line Test TrackConstruction Substantial CompletionSpring 2019
ProjectCabot Yard & Maintenance Facility ImprovementsConstruction Substantial CompletionWinter 2022


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