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Red and Orange Line Signal Upgrades

Updated on January 17, 2019

Orange Line train on tracks

About the Project

Timeline: 2015 – 2022
Status: Construction


We’re upgrading the signal system on the Red and Orange lines. The new, digital signal infrastructure will support new Red Line and Orange Line vehicles being brought into service and allow for more reliable service. 

Our system is made up of equipment and cables that run along the track, and communication equipment that sends train location information to our operations teams. Our teams use that information to, for example, make sure trains are evenly spaced out or keep 2 trains out of the same section of track.

We’ll be replacing the equipment’s communication, train detection electronics, and relays, which currently need to be set, reset, and repaired manually—a time-consuming task for our operations and maintenance teams. 

Work is being done alongside infrastructure and maintenance equipment upgrades at Cabot Yard and Wellington Yard as part of the Red Line and Orange Line improvement programs. 


Improved signals maintenance:

  • Reduced maintenance time and cost 
  • Increased reliability
  • Renewed lifespan for entire system
  • Communication of early warning diagnostics 


ProjectProject Substantial Completion
ProjectRed Line signal enhancementsProject Substantial CompletionSummer 2019
ProjectOrange Line signal enhancementsProject Substantial CompletionWinter 2019
ProjectRed Line signal upgradesProject Substantial CompletionWinter 2022
ProjectOrange Line signal upgradesProject Substantial CompletionSpring 2022

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