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Red Line Improvement Program

Updated on July 3, 2019

A man on the sunlight JFK/UMass platform, with a Red Line train pulled up

As part of our $8 billion, 5-year capital investment program that began July 1, 2018, we're rebuilding the Red Line.

This work, including signal upgrades, a new test track, and a new maintenance facility, will result in faster, more comfortable trips on the Red Line, as well as less crowding on platforms and in stations. It will also support the all-new, expanded Red Line fleet of 252 modern, spacious vehicles.

Contracts have been awarded for the following projects as part of this initiative:

  • Red Line signal upgrades: Work scheduled to begin in 2019
  • New Red Line vehicles: Vehicles ready for buildout in Springfield, MA in summer 2019
  • Red Line test track: Scheduled to be complete in late 2019
  • Cabot Yard Maintenance Facility: Work began in early 2019

Red Line Signal Upgrades

The train detection electronics and relays inside the signal bungalow at Forest Hills Station will be replaced.

The analog signal system on the Red Line will be fully replaced with new, digital infrastructure.

Contract awarded: November 2018
Projected completion: January 2022
Budget: $217 million (total value for Red Line and Orange Line signal upgrades)
Status: Preliminary design is under review and development as of June 2019

New Red Line Vehicles

Red Line pilot car manufacturing in Changchun, China

The Red Line fleet will be entirely replaced with modern, more efficient, more spacious vehicles by 2023.

 Contract awarded: 2014
Projected completion: 2023
Budget: $1 billion (total value for Red Line and Orange Line new vehicles)
Status: The first 2 car shells will be shipped to Springfield, MA for a complete buildout in the summer of 2019

Red Line Test Track

Red Line Test Track looking south toward the Midland Bridge and Cabot Yard lead tracks

The existing Red Line test track and third rail will be fully replaced by 2019 for easier, faster testing of new Red Line vehicles.

Contract awarded: November 2017 
Projected completion: Fall 2019
Budget: $21 million
Status: 61% completed as of June 2019

Cabot Yard Maintenance Facility

Cabot Maintenance Facility: Planned improvements, including a maintenance platform, car wash, paint booth, wheel truing machine, and cranes. Rendering by designer on record.

Cabot Yard, the facility where we store and care for Red Line vehicles each day, will be fully replaced for safer, more efficient maintenance.

Contract awarded: August 2018
 Projected completion: January 2022
Budget: $213 million
Status: 6% complete as of June 2019

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