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Weekend Service Changes

When infrastructure repairs or upgrades require more than a few hours, we aren’t able to do them overnight, so work is scheduled over the weekend. On these weekends, buses will replace train service on the part of the line we’re working on.

Planned weekend work is listed below and will be updated if anything changes.

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November 17 – 18, 2018

Red Line

Buses will replace trains between Harvard and Alewife. This disruption will allow crews to repair and replace track infrastructure known as floating slabs to make your ride more reliable and comfortable.


Weekend work is expected to last until December 2.

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D Green Line 

Buses will replace trains between Kenmore and Reservoir so crews can install new tracks and signals. Buses will not stop at Beaconsfield. New tracks and signals will improve the speed and reliability of Green Line service.


Weekend work will continue, in addition to weeknight work Monday-Thursday, through December as signals and tracks are improved along the D Line.

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Lowell Line

Buses will replace Lowell Line service to Wellington Station to allow for the installation and testing of safety equipment known as Positive Train Control (PTC). Outbound buses will depart Wellington Station at the time trains are normally scheduled to depart for North Station.


Weekend work will continue through December of this year.

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Fairmount Line

Saturday and Sunday before 6 PM

Buses will replace trains between Morton Street and Readville to allow for construction on the new Blue Hill Avenue Station.


This weekend service disruption is expected to continue through December 2018.

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