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The RIDE Paratransit for Visitors

If you’re visiting the Boston area and have a disability that prevents you from using the MBTA bus, subway, or trolley, under the ADA you can use The RIDE for up to 21 days in a 12-month period. To arrange for RIDE services during your visit:

1. Contact The Mobility Center.


617-337-2727 (voice/relay)


2. Provide your eligibility information to Mobility Center staff.

If you have an ADA Paratransit Certificate of Eligibility, make sure you have a copy.

If you don’t have an ADA certificate or you live in an area without paratransit services, you may need to provide:

  • Home address and residence information
  • Where you'll be staying in Boston and local contact information
  • Mobility device used
  • Letter from your health care provider
  • Other supporting documentation of your disability

3. Get a decision.

Once all your eligibility information has been received, your request is considered complete. You'll be notified of your approval within 21 days. You will receive a RIDE ID account number, information on how to use the service, how it operates, and more.

Then, you can add funds and start scheduling trips once you deposit funds into your RIDE account, just like any other RIDE customer!

You can contact the Mobility Center with questions at any time during this process.