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MBTA service levels have been increased in the interest of the health and safety of our riders and employees. All riders must use face coverings when on the MBTA. More:

Building a Better T: Trolleys Will Not Operate on Green Line D Branch and Between Some Stations on Green Line C Branch for Nine Days beginning June 20

Posted on June 17, 2020

Shuttle buses will be provided, including D branch express shuttle buses during weekday peak hours making stops at Riverside, Woodland, and Copley only.

The MBTA is announcing the suspension of Green Line C and D branch trolley service between several stations effective June 20 and until the end of service June 28 as essential infrastructure work is done as part of the MBTA’s $8 billion Building a Better T program.  

Effective June 20, the second of 2 full 9-day closures of service on the Green Line D branch will occur between Kenmore and Riverside Stations. Accelerated track and infrastructure work will occur during this time.

In addition, there will be a 9-day shutdown of trolley service on the Green Line C branch between Kenmore and St. Mary’s Stations from June 20 through June 28 to allow for track and infrastructure work in the area known as the Beacon Junction. This is in addition to the upcoming month-long shuttle bus service replacement between Cleveland Circle and Kenmore Stations scheduled to take place in July 2020.

Shuttle buses will replace service between both St. Mary’s and Kenmore as well as between Riverside and Kenmore, with express shuttle buses also operating during weekday peak hours making stops at Riverside, Woodland, and Copley Stations only.

“We appreciate our customers’ understanding as we accelerate this important work on the Green C and D Lines, which will lead to faster trips and more reliable service on both branches,” said MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak. “Our primary focus continues to always be safety with our shuttle plan including measures that promote physical distancing and require face coverings. We understand that shuttle bus diversions can be inconvenient, but giving work crews unencumbered access to track areas allows this Green Line work to be finished over 5 months faster than previously planned.”

More Information about The Work

This suspension in Green Line C and D branch service is part of the MBTA’s $8 billion Building a Better T program to quicken the pace of infrastructure projects in 2020 and the MBTA continues to assess whether other projects can be further accelerated. Doing this work now allows its completion at a time when ridership on the Green Line is significantly decreased due to the pandemic. The MBTA recognizes that riders do continue to take essential trips as the Commonwealth moves through the first phase of its reopening plan. The MBTA’s shuttle plan includes measures to promote social distancing that protect MBTA riders and workers. The MBTA will carefully monitor ridership levels on shuttle buses, adjusting service levels if needed.

The D Branch Track and Signal Replacement project will replace approximately 6.5 miles of signal infrastructure, 25,000 feet of track, and centralize signal equipment at D branch stations. The project began in October 2018 with work taking place overnight and during weekend diversions. During these scheduled shutdowns in June, Green Line D branch work includes the replacement of nearly 21,500 feet of running rail, the replacement of over 2,800 feet of timber ties, the installation of state-of-the-art signal equipment, and the replacement of switches and 4 turnouts. Green Line C branch work also taking place from June 20-28 includes reliability and safety improvements through track and signal work on the Beacon Junction area of track between St. Mary’s and Kenmore. This work requires concurrent diversions on the C and D branches. Originally scheduled to be accomplished later this year through evening and weekend diversions, these closures allow the MBTA to complete this work nearly 5 and a half months sooner than previously planned.

These shutdowns also give other area projects the opportunity to advance work, including the MBTA’s Fenway Portal Project, the Town of Brookline’s Davis Footpath Project, and the Brookline High School Expansion Project. 

During the first full 9-day closure on the Green Line D branch from June 6-14, crews replaced 10,800 feet of signal cables (which is 800 feet over the project’s overall goal), replaced 460 feet of track, performed special track work, repaired platform areas and yellow tactile edging, and performed additional upgrades to switches, catenary wire, and station areas.

Green Line C Branch Shuttle Bus Information

Free, accessible shuttle buses will operate between St. Mary’s and Kenmore Stations that meet or exceed current C branch schedules. 

Green Line C branch diagram showing shuttle service between St. Mary's Street and Kenmore.

Green Line D Branch Shuttle Bus Information

Free, accessible shuttle buses will stop at stations between Riverside and Fenway that meet or exceed current D branch schedules, and will then make stops that connect with the C branch shuttle at St. Mary’s and Kenmore. Riders should note that shuttle buses are unable to stop at Beaconsfield with riders encouraged to instead board or disembark at Dean Road on the C branch or access the Green Line D branch shuttle from Reservoir. Express shuttle buses will also operate on weekdays during morning and evening peak hours making stops at Riverside, Woodland, and Copley Stations only. 

Combined graphic of the Green Line D and C branches. Shuttles run between Riverside to Kenmore on the D branch, with an extra stop between Fenway at St. Mary's Street on the C branch. Express shuttles also run between Riverside/Woodland and Copley on the D branch.

Riders should note that existing area MBTA bus service will also continue to operate. Bus Routes 8, 39, 47, 60, 65, and 66 will deliver service to the Fenway, Brookline, and Longwood areas during the D branch shutdown.

In compliance with the Commonwealth’s Reopening Massachusetts Report, riders are also reminded that face coverings are required while onboard shuttle buses. Additionally, in an effort to promote social distancing and protect the health and safety of MBTA riders and bus operators, ridership on shuttle buses is limited to twenty passengers. The MBTA is also operating more shuttle buses than originally planned and will maintain a robust fleet of shuttle buses on standby to accommodate ridership demands as needed.

The MBTA is monitoring noise levels and encourages area residents and the public to report a noise complaint or issue by calling the 24/7 noise hotline at 508-676-3550.

Following track work, the MBTA typically implements speed restrictions as a safety precaution, and customers should expect these to last for several days while the T monitors the proper settlement and consolidation of new track and stone ballast. Speed restrictions are lifted once engineers have confirmed proper settlement has occurred. 

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