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Pay Your Parking Ticket

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There are 2 types of parking tickets you may receive from the MBTA. 

  • Non-payment of parking: These are the most common. Invoices for unpaid parking fees are mailed to the registered vehicle owner on a monthly basis. They include the regular daily parking fee and a $1 surcharge for each day of unpaid parking. 
  • Parking violations: These are less common, and are issued by the Transit Police in orange envelopes. They must be paid through the Plymouth County Parking Ticket system within 21 days.

Non-payment of Parking

If you do not pay for parking before midnight on the day you park, you will receive an invoice for every day of unpaid parking in the previous month, plus a $1 surcharge for each. 

Late Payments

30 days after the invoice notice date, an additional $10 fee will be assessed for each unpaid day of parking. 90 days after the invoice date, vehicle owners may need to pay an additional $20 fee for each unpaid day of parking to renew their registration with the RMV. 

Transit Police Parking Violations

If you receive a parking violation in an orange envelope from the Transit Police, pay it within 21 days to avoid additional fines. Unpaid parking tickets may result in penalties from the RMV, including the inability to renew your license or registration.