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If you regularly park at an MBTA lot, you may be able to purchase a monthly parking permit to save money and time on your commute.

Please note monthly passes are not available at MBTA garages.

Monthly Rates and Availability

Monthly vehicle permits are available at many MBTA lots for flat rates between $35 and $157.50. Please note that a monthly permit does not guarantee parking.

With a monthly parking permit, you can park in any other MBTA lot that costs the same or less than the lot you normally park in.

Find your station to view its monthly parking rates

Please note that monthly permits are issued based on the calendar month, so you will pay the same rate whether you purchase it on the first or last day of the month. We recommend buying them in advance.

Buy or renew a monthly parking permit with the MBTA

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Premium Spots

Most monthly parking permits do not guarantee parking. But, at particularly busy parking lots and garages, premium spots are available for a monthly fee. They are located closer to the station entrances and are reserved for premium permit holders—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Premium spots are available at:

To check availability, email Parking Customer Support at