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Learn more about The RIDE, MBTA’s door-to-door, shared-ride paratransit service.

What to Expect on Your Trip

Getting Ready for Your Trip

Be ready for pick-up 5 minutes before your scheduled time. Carry needed medications, oxygen, etc. in case you travel longer than expected.

Your driver will go to your door and must wait for 5 minutes from your scheduled pick-up time before getting clearance from dispatch to leave.

You may need to wait up to 15 minutes after your scheduled pick-up time for The RIDE to arrive. If your driver hasn’t arrived after that time, call your service provider to locate them. Your RIDE isn’t considered late until 31 minutes after your scheduled pick-up time.

Please be patient—schedules change for many reasons, including traffic, other customers’ delays, and weather. Dispatch coordinates with all drivers and customers to try to keep schedules on time.

When Your Driver Arrives

All drivers receive sensitivity and safety training. They will ask for your name to ensure they’re picking up the correct person. Tell them if you’d like to use the lift to board the vehicle.

They will assist you door to door to and from the RIDE vehicle, but they can’t accompany you inside your home or past the main lobby of buildings.

Even if you have a PCA traveling with you, your driver will assist you with getting on and off the vehicle.

Keep in mind that if you have luggage or packages, your driver must be able to carry them while assisting you. Please limit heavy or large items.

Manual wheelchair and walker users

If you’re ambulatory but use a manual wheelchair or walker, the driver will collapse and store it in the cargo area once you’re on board. The driver can help you get over 1 curb and 1 step, but cannot carry you or your mobility device.

Cane users

If you use a support cane, you can choose to hold it or store it in the cargo area. You can’t store it on the floor of the vehicle.

If you use a red or white cane that collapses, you may collapse it and keep it with you.

Power wheelchair and scooter users

Your driver will offer you the optional use of an MBTA body belt when they greet you. They’ll also explain how they will fasten and unfasten seatbelts on the vehicle’s wheelchair/scooter securement system.

On Your Trip

Once you’re on the way, please follow The RIDE’s policies to ensure that everyone has a pleasant trip.


If your trip has a transfer, your driver will take you to the designated transfer point. You will stay on the first vehicle until the second one arrives, and then your driver will assist you to make the transfer.

Appointment Delays

If you’re delayed at an appointment:

  1. Call your RIDE service provider as soon as possible.
  2. Ask to be put on the “Will Call” list.
  3. Once you’re ready to be picked up, call back to set up a new time.
  4. Dispatch will do their best to incorporate the trip into their schedule. You’ll be charged a premium fare for this service.